Lawmakers propose ending some final tests


RALEIGH - North Carolina House lawmakers proposed several bills that could affect public schools. One of those proposals, House Bill 90, would do away with N.C. Final Testing regulations.

These regulations apply to courses that are not federally mandated to administer End-of-Grade or End-of-Course tests, such as social studies classes. Lauren Piner, President of the Pitt County Association of Educators, disagrees with the bill. Piner said it could cause confusion and chaos within the state.

"Local authorities are going to have to create benchmarks," Piner said.

She questioned how those benchmarks would be created and if they would be standardized among counties.

"Is there going to be money, to pay teachers to come out of the classroom and do those test development session? How are we going to make sure that it is standardized in some sort of way to make sure students don't get lost in the shuffle," she said.