Law enforcement talk about being prepared for emergency situations


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - The incident in Washington, D.C. where four people were shot, including a congressman, was a very tense situation.

Congressman Walter B. Jones told us in a telephone interview Wednesday the shooting has left him with many concerns about his district offices. He also said it is causing him to focus on local safety. "We're trying to do more to make sure that our district offices in Greenville ... we have as good as security as possible because the world we live in is chaotic right now," Jones said. Local law enforcement talked about what preparations and actions they have taken in the past to be ready for just such an event. "We're prepared to handle active shooting situations regardless of where it happens, whether it happens in congressional offices, in school yards or the courthouse, our training stays the same," said Lt. Kip Gaskins with the Pitt County Sheriff's Office. Gaskins said there is no need for local panic but if the situation does arise, law enforcement are equipped to handle it.

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