Large gator on the loose captured in Craven Co. neighborhood


RIVERDALE COMMUNITY, Craven County - A four-legged creature not used to being in a neighborhood made for some interesting moments for residents in one part of Craven County.

A rather large alligator was roaming parts of the Riverdale neighborhood near James City. The alligator was found in some low-lying grass next to the east-bound lane of Hwy. 70. Officials with the NC Wildlife Resources Commission and the Craven County Sheriff's Office went into action to corral the enormous creature. Several people we spoke with said they either snapped a picture or video of the gator roaming around their neck of the woods.

"I was in Charlotte, came back home and a friend pulled in the driveway and told me about it," said Tammy Harraden before the gator was captured Friday evening. "i walked down and if I see it I'm going home because it's really big." Many people we spoke with were unsure why the reptiles are out and about so much and many fear possible dangers. "People walk up and down these streets and if one of these kids get snatched up, you guys will be back for a more serious reason." Many residents said since it's against the law to hunt the alligators, they are not sure what to do if they encounter one. "Same as if you encounter a bear, a snake ... don't feed or approach," said Chris Kent, District 2 Wildlife Biologist with the NCWRC. "If you want to take pictures, take them from a safe distance and then call for help." Wildlife officials said if you encounter or see one of these alligators, call the 24/7 hotline in Raleigh (1-800-662-7137) or visit their website.

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