Lady Anglers Tournament not just about landing the big one


MOREHEAD CITY, Carteret County - In one of the biggest weeks of the year in Morehead City, it's all about the marlin.

But the ladies of the Builder's Choice found out the Lady Anglers portion of The Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament isn't just about the fish. The sound of encouragement isn't typically associated with fishing. It can be a long, frustrating wait before that fateful tug of the line and tensions run high. But here on the Builder's Choice, one of the many boats entered in the Lady Anglers Tournament, friendship is what means the most. That's especially true for the first-time fishers. "It meant a lot because I've never done it, I've always wanted to and my friend was so sweet to ask me to come fish on their boat and we had a great time today," said Robin Hauser. In the midst of all the love, however, these ladies are still serious about the fish. And to the surprise of everyone, it's another first-timer who hooks the first catch of the day. Her thoughts of reeling in the big catch? Don't ever give up.