Labor Day Weekend didn't seem as busy at North Topsail Beach


NORTH TOPSAIL BEACH, Onslow County - While tourism was up in Onslow County, it's uncertain whether that was the case in North Topsail Beach over the Labor Day Weekend.

The Jacksonville-Onslow County Chamber of Commerce had good news to report regarding tourism in the county. However, Labor Day at North Topsail Beach saw fewer crowds this year compared to previous year, according to a general consensus from beach goers and business owners.

"Last year? It was very packed. Yeah," said Chris Worley and Monica Franco, who were at the beach during Labor Day.

While parking lots at various beach access areas saw a steady stream of incoming vehicles throughout Labor Day, frequent visitors to North Topsail Beach know how a packed day at the beach looks.

"Ahh ... yep, a little bit less than usual," Jeanette Hamilton said. "Usually it's a little bit more crowded."

However, it was still busier than your typical day at the beach. Beach goers and business owners sadi this Labor Day Weekend didn't live up to those of Labor Days previously.

""I think that it's a little... usually on Labor Day weekend it's a little more crowded," Hamilton said. "I think this weekend it's a little less people.

"I think weather and then maybe the gas prices that went up."

Hamilton said she does the five-hour drive with her boyfriend to North Topsail Beach several times a year. This year, they said they made an interesting observation. The closer they got to Eastern North Carolina, the higher the gas prices.

"When we filled up at one place, it was like $2.45 and then as we come on down, we've seen $2.59," Hamilton said.

But that won't stop them from coming back again soon.

"We like it down here," Hamilton said. "It's a little more quiet, you can relax more, Calmer than going to Myrtle Beach because it's so overcrowded. So we like coming down here to the Carolina beaches."}