Kinston Teens give away over-the-counter medicine


KINSTON, Lenoir County - Many in Kinston are filling up there medicine cabinets free of charge thanks to a partnership between Kinston Teens and the Old North State Medical Foundation.

"The North State Medical Foundation hosted an event similar to this in Jacksonville back in November, so we volunteered there. We took a group of teens from Kinston, we volunteered and helped out and they gave us all the leftover medicine to give out here in Kinston," said Christopher Suggs, Founder of Kinston Teens.

The CEO of North State Medical Foundation said it was no question that he would help the philanthropic teens.

"These are an amazing amazing group of young folks, they try to do all they can to help the community and when you see that you just gotta try to help them, said Dr. Johnny William, CEO of Old State Medical Foundation.

The line of people waiting to pick out medication went out the door. They were able to choose eight items from different tables, which included pain relief, allergy relief, probiotics, eyeglasses, vitamins and more. This event was particularly important for people who otherwise might not be able to buy all the medication they need.

"It means a lot because we won't need to worry about trying to find any or how we are going to get it," said Fallon Abat, a Kinston resident who received medicine.

While there are no set plans for another event like this, Kinston Teens hope to someday do it again.

"We are seeing many great improvements here in Kinston from crime to economic development, and young people are having a part in those things so it's really great that we are improving the city and making a difference," said Suggs.

If you would like to know more about the Kinston Teens and how to join, fill out an application on their website.

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