Kinston, Greenville sending resources to Florida to help get power restored


KINSTON, Lenoir County - While Floridians begin the recovery process, some Eastern North Carolinians are gearing up to help them do that.

Kinston and Greenville are two of the cities in our area sending resources down to Florida to help get the power back up and running across that state. Tim Butler is one of 56 linemen packing up to head to Florida Tuesday to help them turn the lights back on after the devastation of Hurricane Irma.

CLICK HERE to watch a video from Greenville Utilities of the team's preparation

The convoy of trucks will leave from Greenville Tuesday morning around 6 a.m. and head to the Orlando area.

"The mass destruction is the biggest thing," Butler said. "You've just got so many people without power, it's not like having 100 people out. You're probably looking at 4,5,6 million people that's without power right now"

the linemen are coming from Kinston and Greenville as part of a statewide effort to help our southern neighbors.

"I was ready to get the phone call," said lineman Scott Hardison. "That said, let's get it and go."

"It's part of ElectriCities, which is an organization that arranges power communities that work in North Carolina," said Steve Miller with Kinston Public Services. "They've been contacted by Florida for assistance trying to get their power restored."

The crew will likely face some tough conditions as they work down there but say it will be worth it to help people in need that would do the same for us.

"We may be sleeping in tents, sleeping bags, you just don't know what they have for showers and cleaning up," Butler said.

"You never know where a storm is going to hit, we've had our share of them in the past so most of the time we are just returning the favor. "Whenever we have a big storm like that, folks from up that way come to help us out."

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