Jacksonville mayor launches 'One City' campaign

Jacksonville Mayor Sammy Phillips at Friday's One City meeting (City of Jacksonville Facebook photo)

JACKSONVILLE, Onslow County - Jacksonville Mayor Sammy Phillips announced the launch of a year-long campaign to promote civility, caring and collaboration between citizens of Jacksonville, the City of Jacksonville announced Friday.

Previously, Phillips had announced the campaign in February during the State of the Community Address, according to a press release from the city. He said the project was an extension of the city's mantra of being "A Caring Community," and follows on the discussion with the faith community to campaign for a civil society.

The campaign comes after a year of meetings with members of the City's faith community where the need for tolerance, understanding and civility was discussed. The group is now announcing a series of events promoting these needs across our community. The press release also states the "One City" campaign will encourage citizens to take individual and group actions that would promote a more civil society and to practice tolerance of views and opinions different from their own. The One City campaign works to promote respect, caring and collaboration between all Citizens for a better Jacksonville.

The city has started a website about the campaign that has information about what it's about, the things you can do to help and campaign activities that will be taking place. Click here to go to that website.

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