Ivanka Trump, Kellyanne Conway talk military spouses at Camp Lejeune event


CAMP LEJEUNE, Onslow County - Ivanka Trump and Kellyanne Conway talked about military spouses and making child care more affordable during a stop at an event at Camp Lejeune on Tuesday.

Tuesday's visit focused on the unique struggles military spouses face in the workforce and what the Trump Administration can do to help make improvements.

"You face very unique challenges that most people are unaware of as it pertains to employment struggles and that should not be the case," Trump said.

They have the skills but climbing the ladder isn't easy when supporting a spouse in the military is a full-time job.

"I'm effective, I'm efficient, I've kind of mastered a way of doing things and I'm a mil spouse, come on," said Danielle Sullivan. "The biggest challenges have been, I guess, just getting out there, getting people to know who I am and believing in me I think has been my biggest challenge."

Trump and Conway listened as several key issues emerged. But the hurdle of child care is the biggest to overcome.

"We are working actively to help expand dramatically the existing child tax credit and help make childcare more affordable and more accessible," Trump said.

Several spouses voiced their struggles and offered solutions that Trump and Conway said they will bring back to Washington. Trump also said making improvements for working military spouses is a priority for the Trump Administration and they are working actively to find the best solutions.

Women who attended the event also learned strategies for networking and building up their resumes to attract employers.

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