IPads pleasant surprise for elementary school children


NEW BERN, Craven County - Students at Oaks Road Elementary School got a high-tech surprise Monday aimed at getting them prepared for a future in the 21st century. The school presented the students with IPad to help them with their classroom experience.

The Craven County Board of Education recently approved the purchase of IPads for the entire school. The school board made good on its promise to the students with a surprise presentation of the new gadgets. They hope the investment will power the students through the 21st Century and make their learning environment more fun.

The children filed into the gymnasium Monday afternoon and settled down to a power point presentation introducing them to their now 'Apple compliant' school. They were excited and cheered when they were told all 480 of them have gotten assigned the Apple tablet to help with their learning.

After the presentation the children returned to their classrooms to unwrap and begin using their tablets. Many of the students had never used or owned a tablet before. They were shown how to power it on and how to download various apps. Many of them also asked about taking pictures and 'selfies.' Some of the students said they would use the IPad to learn new things and read books.

"There all sorts of programs and apps that you can play and learn about," one girl said.

"Learning is fun and this was an opportunity for us to hit that number of students that we want to enjoy learning and learning is a lifetime activity," said Dr. Meghan Doyle, the Superintendent of Craven County Schools.

One of the teachers unwrapped her new Mac computer to the delight of the children.

"My boys and girls are going to be doing some wonderful activities," the teacher said. "It is going to be interactive, I am excited, the children are excited I just got certified in the Apple MacBook and IPad."

School officials say the IPads are a much needed tool to help the students with reading, math, science and better engagement and interactivity using apps and the internet. All the teachers got laptops and had to go through training to become certified Apple users so they would be able to teach the students.

"Our teachers need to be able to do the work that we are preparing our students for and the students need to access some of the tools for the 21st Century like the internet for work and college and for their future lives," Doyle said.

In addition to using the IPads to learn, teachers will also use it to help students create content by making videos, recording their voices, write blogs and do different things that allow them to create content instead of only consuming content.