Investigators stay mum 24 hours after body thought to be missing man's found in ditch


STELLA, Onslow County - Few details are being released about the body found yesterday near Stella, believed to be that of a man reported missing a week ago.

Deputies found a body in a ditch near Stella Road and the intersection of Swansboro Belgrade Road shortly after 9 a.m. on Tuesday. It is believed to be that of Clifton Daniel McFadden III, 24, who went missing from his parents' home in Jacksonville on May 15.

Onslow County Sheriff Hans Miller said he is cautious not to tip his department's hand regarding the investigation.

"We think we know a lot, however like any criminal investigation, until we are very certain, we feel that we should not reveal anything because if the situation changes our credibility is on the line," Miller said.

Hunter Crossing Grocery Store employees Irene Milligan and Diana Davis were near where the body was found on Tuesday while the road was closed for most of the morning.

Davis said she was "shocked" when she heard the reason for why the road was closed.

"It's a very quiet community," she said.

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