Interfaith Holocaust Commemoration brings Greenville community together


Grenville, PITT COUNTY - The Greenville community came together at St. Paul's Episcopal Church for an Interfaith Holocaust Commemoration. The keynote speaker, Alfred Schnog, shared his story of escaping Nazi Germany as a child.

"We couldn't tell people that we were Jews because we would be thrown out of wherever we were or perhaps arrested," said Schnog.

Schnog, his brother and his parents left for Holland just hours after the infamous "Kristallnacht".

"We saw the Nazis, the SA, the Hitler youth marching down the street and throwing bricks into the shops that were owned by Jews and stepping in and throwing the merchandise out onto the street, clattered on the cobblestone street," said Schnog.

Decades later, those experiences are still etched in his memory. "My parents came up to my brother and I, they tapped us on the shoulder and they said boys what you see here tonight, never forget it and I have never forgotten it and I don't think I ever will, its seared in my brain," said Schnog.

Now hes sharing his life story with people off all faiths. Schnog hopes community members walk away with a better understanding of the tragedy-- to stop it from happening again. "We cant let the history of that period of time, we cant let it die, we have to make people aware of it because it could happen again, it's happening in different parts of the world," said Schnog.

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