Impactful winter storm to affect us this weekend

The storm system is expected to fizzle out by day's end, but it caused severe damage and claimed the lives of three lives in Missouri, Mississippi and Nebraska. Take a look at images of the damage.

We are tracking an area of low pressure that will move out of the Gulf of Mexico Friday and pass off our coast during the day on Saturday.

With an Arctic high pressure centered over the Tennessee Valley, it will drill cold air over Eastern North Carolina.

Precipitation will initially start late Friday night along the coast as rain. But as colder air drills into the system we will see that change-over to ice and sleet then eventually all snow the further inland you go. With fresh Arctic air being injected into this system, this will mean a higher accumulation of snow than we've seen in the last few years.

Even the coastal areas will see a change-over to all snow with a lighter accumulation expected by Saturday afternoon.

The ultimate track of the storm in proximity to our coast will determine where the greatest amount of snow will fall. However I could see how up to near a foot of snow is possible in areas deep inland, Should the track shift closer to the coast, warmer air will surge inland cutting down on accumulations and pushing the heavier snow farther inland.

The storm will move away from our coast by Saturday night allowing a cold Arctic high to move in. Once we drop below freezing on Saturday, we'll likely not get above freezing until Tuesday. With the fresh snow cover, that could mean single digits in areas inland Monday morning.

Gusty northwesterly winds will kick in late Saturday as the coastal low departs. This will mean minor water level rises in Downeast Carteret County and out towards Ocracoke.

Make sure to check back often and download our StormTrack12 mobile app as a slight jog in the storm's track can have a major impact on what will fall from the sky this weekend.

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