Hyde Co. Emergency Services Director part of crew deployed to Puerto Rico


ENGLEHARD, Hyde County - A 10-person crew, which includes Hyde County Emergency Services Director Justin Gibbs, has been deployed to Puerto Rico.

The team left Tuesday morning and is comprised of local and state emergency management officials that will help with disaster response and recovery efforts on the island. They will be gone for two weeks.

"Justin will be acting as a resource unit leader, basically coordinating the resources that are coming in from different agencies and federal in Puerto Rico and help guide them through the recovery process," said Donnie Schumate, Hyde County Public Information Officer.

Gibbs has been with Hyde County for over 10 years and has guided the county through various storms and hurricanes.

He will be serving as a Resource Unit Leader supporting the Puerto Rico Emergency Management Agency's Emergency Operations Center. The team will assist with management, direction, control, and coordination of response and recovery actions with local, state/territorial, and federal levels of government; and coordination of public information, accordign to a press release.

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