Hurricane Jose Doesn't Stop Beachgoers


Carteret County, ATLANTIC BEACH - Despite wind speeds of over 20 miles per hour and waves that are reaching 11 ft in height, many people were still enjoying a beach day at Atlantic Beach.

"We just came out to hang on the beach and have a really good day and enjoy the sunlight," said Abigail Smoot who lives in Greenville.

Max Cooum spent a majority of his day in the water, but quickly learned that the water was much rougher than normal.

"When we first got here I was in the water a decent amount and it was by far the biggest waves I've ever seen on the East coast I think," said Cooum.

And according to our meteorologists, these conditions will continue throughout Monday and Tuesday with wave heights staying between 9 and 11 feet and wind speeds between 20 and 25 miles per hour.

Currently, there is also a high rip current warning in effect for Atlantic Beach.

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