How you should talk to your kids about mass shooting in Las Vegas

(ZUMA Press photo via MGN)

NEW BERN, Craven County - With technology and social media, it's almost impossible for you, and your kids, to avoid hearing about events like the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

If your kids come home from school with questions that are difficult to answer, what do you do? NewsChannel 12's Nicole Griffin spoke to a mental health professional to find out.

Ron England, program director at Crossroads Psychiatric Program at Carolina East Medical Center, said it's important to not overwhelm kids by telling them more than what they need to know. England suggests keeping them away from images of the tragedy and answering their questions in the most simple way possible.

"Talk with them about the facts, sit down and say you may have heard some things, have them tell you what they've heard, have them tell you what they're frightened of and answer those questions," England said.

England said it's also important to explain to your children that there are people in the world making bad decisions and harming others. However, he said you should tell them to focus on all of the positive things going on in the world.

Above all, England suggests spending time with your children during times like these, doing things together that all of you enjoy. When anxiety runs high, he said, you should do things that give you a purpose and make you feel at peace.