How to stop annoying pop-up ads while on Facebook


Are you noticing some annoying pop-up ads while on Facebook?

"Congratulations, You're Today's Lucky Visitor" or "You've won a free Amazon card."

Turns out, your phone is having issues ... especially if you have an iPhone. It's happened with stories linked to our website from Facebook, CNN, FoxNews, even sites such as Hulu and Pinterest. There's no random area where it does or does not happen.

Here's some tips from ABC affiliate, and Facebook on what to do to fix the problem. If it persists, you may have a bigger issue on your hand.


What happens if you click

Sometimes a click takes you to posts from people claiming they got their freebie. Other times it takes you to a survey page.

But resist the urge to click. says these are all either marketing tricks or outright scams, and you may be giving the scammers access to your Facebook page. The most benign versions are "like harvesting" schemes, where they get you to give out personal info by liking a page, then taking a survey, where they can then target you with more junk. The most dangerous are phishing scams, where clicking through can give the scammers access your Facebook friends list, and they could soon receive bogus messages purporting to be from you. If that happens to you, you'll say "doesn't that stink?"

What to do, and not do If you get a pop-up claiming you have won something:

1. Close it.

3. Don't "like" it, don't open it, and don't share. 3. If these are hitting your phone more and more, Apple suggests starting by clearing your phone's history, where these pages sometimes reside, then pop back up.

4. Check Apple support forums. Apple has more detailed advice on how to block these pop-up ads in its support pages. 5. Add a Safari popup blocker, according to a report in MacWorld.

6. A report in Malware Tips offers even more good advice.

7. If it is happening on a laptop or desktop PC, download Malwarebytes, which will remove any malware causing it.

You can also find other options by searching Google. That includes tips for Android here and from

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