House fire likely caused by lightning strike

Englehard Fire and Rescue Facebook page

ENGLEHARD, Hyde County - Around 5:51 Saturday evening, several first responders were dispatched after receiving a call of a residential fire caused by a lighting strike, according to Justin Gibbs, of Hyde County EMS.

Gibbs says there was one man inside the Englehard home. The man called 911 after going outside and seeing a small fire on the roof near his chimney.

The fire spread from the roof down into the second floor. Englehard Fire and Rescue was able to contain an extinguish the fire with help from other departments.

"Thank you to everyone for tonight's response. It is good to know that we can still save a house with so few personnel and no more training than we are able to get them. Special thanks for mutual aid from Fairfield and Swan Quarter and response from Hyde EMS and Hyde Co Sheriffs. It is so true we need each other for success," said Englehard Fire and Rescue on their Facebook page.

After the fire was extinguished, the home was deemed unlivable, according to Gibbs. The red Cross has been contacted to help the man that lived there.

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