Hillcrest Farms successfully de-annexes from Kinston

(Adaure Achumba/NewsChannel 12)

KINSTON, Lenoir County - In an open letter to resident on his official Facebook page, Kinston Mayor BJ Murphy announced Monday that the Hillcrest Farms subdivision has successfully deannexed itself from the city of Kinston.

The move was secured by a measure in the State Legislature that was approved June 30.

Murphy, in his letter, explained the decision to provide the list of property owners' names to the media following last week's closed session meeting where city leaders met with the city attorney to discuss possible recourse over the deannexation.

"Most of the time either myself, the manager or a department head will address the media's questions, yet this time the Council chose to speak as one body with one voice regarding letters that we were sending to the Hillcrest community and our desire to have an open dialogue with them," Murphy wrote. "One by one each Council Member, myself and the attorney addressed the situation with a positive and humble tone that would make any citizen proud."

He said there was no ill-will toward the residents in providing the property list; rather, Murphy explained the city was complying with open records laws by providing publicly available information that had been requested.

Murphy said the residents will remain connected to the city through water and sewer services.

The mayor provided his email address ( as well as phone numbers for he and the rest of the council at Kinston City Hall, while encouraging open dialogue among residents to prevent future deannexations from occurring in a similar manner.

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