Havelock Police, high school students explore the horrors of drunk driving

Havelock Police Department partnered with Havelock High School students to host a "Every Fifteen Minutes" re-enactment Thursday at the school, warning students about the dangers of drunk driving. (Photo courtesy of Havelock PD/Facebook)

HAVELOCK, Craven County - The Havelock Police Department and Havelock High School teamed up on Thursday to demonstrate the very real dangers of drinking and driving.

Teenagers acted out various roles - a drunk driver, a victim, parents, other injured passengers. Perhaps the critical part for the show was that the student ending up in a body bag didn't do anything wrong - they weren't the one who had been drinking.

"People don't see it - unless you are a first responder they don't see it happen every day, but it absolutely does so we are trying to bring them into our world," Havelock Police Det. Kimberly Tutwiler said. "Several times a month, maybe not a fatality - that probably happens twice a year on average in Havelock - but a DWI wreck several times, I would be comfortable saying three times a month."

The name of the program is "Every Fifteen Minutes," named thusly due to the statistic on an alcohol-related crash occurring in the US at a rate of one every 15 minutes.

The message seems to have gotten through to at least some of the students.

"I didn't expect it to be that intense," HHS student Caleb Francis said. "I did not."

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