Havelock man captures careless delivery driver on camera

(Contributed photo)

HAVELOCK, Craven County - Jason Persilver didn't get the kind of delivery he had hoped.

The Havelock man shared with us video of a FedEx driver carelessly tossing his package onto his front porch. Persilver recently purchased a new Google Home Smart Speakers.

"Well, my reaction was kind of stunned at first," Persilver said. "You see it happen and you think 'did that really happen?' and you think 'I got it on camera let me rewind it'.

"I am lucky to have it. It catches people trying to do things they are not supposed to and it gives you a sense of security."

Luckily for Persilver, his Google Home device is in good shape. He said he has not contacted FedEx personally because he believes it would not do much.

"I feel like I would call and say 'hey I have footage of one of your drivers throwing a package' and I honestly feel not much would come out of it," Persilver said.

"If he is willing to throw my package, who knows what packages he's willing to throw anywhere else and you never know what valuables might be in there. Even if it's not marked fragile or not, it's people's possessions that they work hard for and I'm sure he wouldn't want me throwing his package at his house."

We reached out to FedEx because it was important to inform the public. We received a statement that stated: "The behavior depicted in the video is inconsistent with the professionalism FedEx Ground Service providers demonstrate every day in safely and securely delivering millions of packages to our customers. We are committed to treating our customers' packages with the utmost care and offer our sincerest apologies."

Persilver told us Wednesday night an official from FedEx called him after our interview and apologized for the situation.

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