Havelock getting state money to help with cleanup of old landfill


HAVELOCK, Craven County - An old landfill that's been an eyesore in Havelock for years is finally being cleaned up.

The landfill is filled with trash and construction waste, all of it illegally dumped since the former Phoenix Recycling Site closed in 2000. Now, Havelock city leaders finally see an opportunity to clean it up. The state General Assembly is giving the city $1 million to clean up the site in the Tucker Creek Area. "In conjunction with the Slocum Flyover Project, which is the road change that's happening out there, there going to connect the roads between the two neighborhoods that adjoin the landfill," Havelock Mayor Will Lewis said. "The $1 million will allow us to create a buffer on the back side of that so that we can protect the citizens, make it a safer site." That's not where the generosity ends. Cherry Point is getting $3 million, which will go to support building additional facilities in the F-35 lift fan maintenance and testing facility for Fleet Readiness Center East (FRC East). "DOD has a requirement that they will have one of their own to service their own air planes," Lewis said. "They chose Cherry Point for that site so its not only going to serve a purpose of repairing those airplanes and keeping them flying safely, this facility also has a lot of civilian jobs attached to that facility." The lobby group Allies for Cherry Point's Tomorrow -- which helped see this through -- said this is the first time the state has invested in a military installation. The military plans to spend about $15.6 million to build the facility.