Halloween Food Truck Festival highlights Uptown Greenville events


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - Uptown Greenville will be holding its first Halloween Food Truck Festival on Halloween.

The Truck or Treat for Halloween event will allow those having a good time in the area to sample some of the delicious food trucks that Greenville has to offer. However, if you're dressing up for the holiday, you won't get into the festivities if your costume has a weapon, real or fake.

"Their number one priority is safety for the pedestrians and safety for the people who want to celebrate the wonderful holiday of Halloween," said Meredith Hawke, Uptown Greenville Events and Branding Director.

"The Greenville Police Department has always had a wonderful safety plan for Halloween. They have a great event space and they partnered with us this year to say we want that entertainment factor, we want that attraction factor."

Not only do they expect it to be a safe event for people to enjoy, it helps showcase the great things Uptown has to offer.

"Our district had half a billion dollars of public and private investment currently," Hawke said. "And it's a chance for people to really see the nightlife but also see all of the development that's going on, all of the new businesses that are open."

The food trucks will be lined up on Fifth Street between Cotanche and Reade Circle and will run until 1 a.m. But the fun doesn't stop there. Other businesses in Uptown are having Halloween parties and costume contest tonight.