Gun awareness program set for July 8

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GREENVILLE, Pitt County - A Gun Awareness Program will be held again this year in Greenville.

The second annual Gun Awareness Program will be this Saturday at 10 a.m. On the Mills Farm in Greenville. Below is a press release on the event.


A retired police captain and former drug dealer and user will team up again for the second annual Gun Awareness Program at 10 a.m. July 8, 2017, on the Mills Farm near the intersection of Leary-Mills Road and Gaskins Road and VOA Site-B, Edward R. Murrow Transmitting Station. Retired Capt. CJ Hardy of the Greenville Police Department, who also is president of Citizens United Against Violence, and Darron Carmon, pastor of Rebuild Christian Center Church in Winterville, say the program is a proactive effort to discourage children and young adults from gun violence and gang activity. Carmon, who has been incarcerated and admittedly has used and sold drugs, said it's time to sound the alarm. He'll share this story from being a troubled youth to becoming a pastor and community change agent. "We talk to children too late. We're behind it when something happens," he said. "We want to expose children so that there's no curiosity and get ahead of it." Hardy, Carmon and others will show the children guns and talk about gun safety, how to avoid gangs and discourage them from living a life of crime. There also will be food and other activities. The site also provides the opportunity to talk about positive gun use, such as hunting, said Hardy, who is founder of the Believers Hunting Family. "We thank the Mills family for letting us host the event on their farm," Hardy said. The organizers say the event is for children of all ages, including the very young, to deter them from gang and crime violence. For more information, call Hardy at (252) 531-9071 or Liz Johnson at (917) 945-6001.