Group in New Bern celebrating Pepsi's anniversary


NEW BERN, Craven County - People dressed head to toe, saluting Pepsi, were scouring the streets of downtown New Bern on Friday.

It's a scavenger hunt focused on their favorite drink. The Pepsi Collectors Club is celebrating the 10th anniversary of East Coast Pepsi Connection. They celebrate Pepsi once a year and they voted to bring their celebration to New Bern, home of Pepsi, this time. "We are a group of people who live on the East Coast who like to get together in the summer and share Pepsi stories and trade Pepsi items and buy Pepsi items," said June Frost, ECPC event planner. More than 70 Pepsi lovers traveled far and wide to get here, all sharing a common hobby. "Everybody wants to go and see the store, walk past Caleb's house (Caleb Brandham, inventor of Pepsi), just see all the sights related to the product we all love," said Fred Holland, a Pepsi fan. Another thing the group shares ... a distaste for a certain other popular soda. "Friends don't let friends drink Coke," said Pepsi fan Brenda Robins. "We drink Pepsi, we are Pepsi people."

If you're interested in attending the event Saturday, it's happening at 12:30 in the Congleton Shelter at Creekside Park. Everyone will be welcomed with a cold Pepsi.

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