Group advocating to New Bern aldermen for accessible transit signals


NEW BERN, Craven County - A local group is advocating for more accessible transit signals like the ones at the intersection of South Front Street and East Front Street.

"There are more blind people and visually impaired people in New Bern than you ever would know and you don't even have to be legally blind to have trouble seeing the traffic signals anyone with a 2100 vision or less," said Cherri Moyers with the Coastal Carolina Chapter of the National Federation for the Blind in North Carolina.

Moyers is legally blind and says having more accessible transit signals around, especially in the downtown area of New Bern, would help people like her get around safer. The signals tell you when to cross and when to stop. They even have a beeping noise when it is safe for someone to cross, helping those who may have a visual impairment.

Some of them vibrate to help those with hearing impairments. She and others like Sherri Johnson are advocating for the change. They say it can also help those with other disabilities as well.

"This is something that would help our seniors who are not able to move as fast as they were as young people and people like me who walk with walkers," Johnson said.

The group planned to bring the idea to city leaders Tuesday night during the aldermen's board meeting to see how feasible it is to implement in New Bern.