Greenville riders out in full force for National Bicycle Safety ride


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - All around the country, people are advocating for bicycle safety. Wednesday evening, a group of cyclists took to the street to give a first-hand view on how it feels to bike through Greenville.

Among the 100 or so riders involved in Wednesday's Ride of Silence was Greenville Mayor Pro Tem Kandi Smith. The ride came together to raise awareness about bicycle safety, which has become a hot topic in Greenville.

"One of the things I've heard a lot about is being inclusive with our transportation and bike lanes because we want to increase safety," Smith said.

Smith said they are working to make Greenville more bike friendly.

"We don't want to hear of anyone having an accident, any unsafe movement or anything and sometimes, motorists who are in cars don't see that person on the bicycle."

EC Velo and Bicycle Post sponsored the ride.

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