Greenville Police responding to spike in number of vehicle break-ins

GREENVILLE, Pitt County - With students now back at East Carolina University, Greenville Police said Tuesday they are dealing with a spike in vehicle break-ins.

Police said the solution could be as simple as locking your car. They said 90 percent of car break-ins don't involve breaking in at all. "People are going into neighborhoods and parking lots and just checking car door handles because it doesn't leave a lot of noise, whereas if you break a window, that's going to attract attention," said Lt. David Bowen with the GPD.

In an effort to decrease these break-ins, GPD is using social media to urge people to lock their vehicle doors. They also want to make sure you don't leave valuables in plain sight. Bowen said many things you leave in your car are more valuable than you might think. "But for everybody who leaves change, a car charger or something small, someone else happens to leave a laptop, a weapon, a phone," Bowen said. Bowen said speaking up when you see suspicious activity is also a good thing to do. "A lot of times people realize what they're looking at is not right," Bowen said. "But the response we get is 'I didn't want to bother the police.' "We're available 24/7. We have people there to answer the phone all the time."