Grandmother of daughter in attempted murder case pleads for help in emotional 911 call

Aeisha Milton (Pender County Sheriff's Office photo)

BURGAW, Pender County - In an emotional call that was at times hard to understand, a grandmother pleads for help after her daughter allegedly tried to drown her grandchildren.

"My daughter just took her four kids and tried to put them in the bathtub and drown them. I had to stop her," the grandmother tells 911.

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Aeisha Milton, 29, is charged with four counts of attempted first degree murder. The Pender County Sheriff's Office says the children range in age from 10 months to 3 years.

The grandmother tells 911 Milton was in a car accident yesterday (Tuesday) and came into the house crying, telling the kids "y'all as good as dead."

The grandmother tells the operator Milton put the kids in the bathtub.

"I went into the bathroom and saw all of them, they … God."

The grandmother says she is locked in the bedroom with the children and they're still in their wet clothes.

"You still have them with you, right?" the operator asks.

"Yes, they not going nowhere. I'll die first. I swear to God I'll die first," the grandmother replied.

The grandmother then says her daughter is outside the door and she has her locked out. She also explains that her daughter is four to five months pregnant. As the children cry in the background, the operator tells the woman to go ahead and calm them down.

"Ok baby, it's ok. It's ok," the woman is heard telling the children.

In the call, the operator asks whether Milton has a history of anything of this nature, to which the grandmother replies, "she's off a little bit."

After about ten minutes, a deputy arrives at the home.

The children were taken to Pender Memorial Hospital and were released.

Milton is scheduled to make her first court appearance Friday morning.

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