GPD camp gives children lots to learn


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - From CPR training to holding their own press conference, children in Pitt County are learning the ins and outs of the Greenville Police Department this week.

Children took notes and deliberated in their groups just as actual police officers do daily. Then they said what happened in three made-up scenarios. "Some of the ways you can avoid becoming a victim are to lock your cars, grab your keys, close your windows and sun roofs," said camp participant Delaney Stanton. This just one of the tips the children gave during their mock press conference. It was part of the media session for GPD's Fourth annual Youth Academy. It's open to children ages 9-12. "If we can get them at the middle school level right before they're introduced to high school and change their views and opinions on some things, then it helps us and it helps them mature into a well rounded adult," said GPD Sgt. Dale Mills. The children seemed to soak up every second of it, too. After spending the morning learning the importance of seat belts and helmet safety, they participated in the media session and learned about the relationship between the police and media. "Contrary to popular belief, we have to get the information out," Mills said. The kids split into groups after learning what happens during an actual press conference. They took notes, rehearsed and then took the podium. Because of the high interest in this camp, Greenville Police will host a second session in August. While the program has already reached capacity, there are plans to continue the program down the road.

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