GFR welcomes new speciality vehicle


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - Greenville Fire & Rescue welcomed the delivery of a new specialty vehicle. It is a fully-rated and equipped firefighting engine with an ambulance module built into the middle.

The new unit is the second vehicle of this type in the city. There is a similar unit being staffed at Station 4, responding to emergency calls in the area north of the Tar River.

According to spokesperson Rebekah Thurston, 85 percent of Greenville Fire/Rescue's calls for service are emergency medical calls. However, putting together the functions of both a fire engine and an ambulance means crew members need just one vehicle to be prepared for whatever type of emergency they may encounter at an incident.

GFR is excited to be one of only a handful of departments in the nation to have a vehicle like this one. Once the new unit has all of its equipment installed, it will be put into service at Station 3 off Charles Blvd.

Thurston says the long range plan is to house the unit in the future Station 7, which is slated to be built off Firetower Road. Thurston also said the need for coverage has increased in what will be Station 7's territory over the last few years.

In one year's time, officials responded to 847 calls for service in that area, a 38 percent increase in volume from the year before.

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