Gas prices higher as stations keep up with demand post Harvey


NEW BERN, Craven County - If you need to fill your gas tank up over the weekend, you might have to shell out a couple of extra dollars at the pump.

Many we spoke with were not able to get gas earlier at the BP station on Glenburnie Road in New Bern. But stations like that one are being replenished and drivers will have to contend with higher gas prices at least for a while. "I was just gonna top it off," said Eileen Bress, who was fueling up at the BP station. "I have about a half a tank so I thought just for the holiday weekend more than anything else." After Gov. Roy Cooper declared a state of emergency, people we found were out to make sure they had what they needed. "I was just actually where I used to work and a former colleague reminded me that there was a run on gas and they were saying that the trucks weren't going to be delivering to North Carolina," said Carl James, who was also buying gas. "So I thought 'well it's a holiday weekend, I better go and get some." The state of emergency lifted several restrictions on fuel vehicles traveling through our state. That made it easier for drivers like Conrad Carlson to get the gas where it's needed most. "We normally have a man time we can drive, which is about 11 hours," Carlson said. "We've got a total of 11 hours we can pull in a day but when the governor says that that's lifted, we can actually do more hours than that. They haven't lifted the amount of fuel we can haul yet." Right now, the statewide average for a gallon of gas is $2.26, 17 cents more than it was before Harvey. At the BP location and others in New Bern, gas runs around $2.59, which is 51 cents more than it was just last week. "I feel bad because gas is sky high and hey a lot of people just cant afford it and deal with these high prices right now," James said. "I don't feel good about it because nobody has a lot of money to pay for gas," said Jessie Hargett. "But its something that has to be done. You know we have all this destruction down in Houston and there's nothing that we can do about it." Despite the prices, drivers are still fueling up ahead of the holiday weekend, hoping those prices will stay where they are. According to AAA, this spike in price is due to several factors, including Hurricane Harvey and the holiday weekend. The organization expects that to be short-lived. AAA says the national price of gas is an average of $2.45. That's the highest recorded price for a gallon of unleaded since before Hurricane Harvey.

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