Fox who bit Craven County residents was rabid, health officials say


NEW BERN, Craven County - The Craven County Health Department said Wednesday a fox who bit a mother and a son living off Tuscarora Rhems Road last week was rabid, according to Diana Vetter Craft, the public information officer .

The two are recovering, after undergoing a series of shots to stave off the deadly virus. NewsChannel 12 spoke to the woman who said she was working outside of her home around 6 p.m. on Friday, May 5 when she spotted the fox running from the woods and attacking a pet duck and several chickens.

"My son was standing there and he jumped on him and he started kicking and hollering," said Zora Farrow, the victim's sister.

The fox then attacked her, biting her twice on the legs. The woman's son, who lives in a separate house on the same property, came to his mother's rescue, beating and killing the fox with a rake . He, too, was bitten by the fox.

The duck was killed and a chicken died shortly from wounds suffered in the attack and the home owner had to destroy the other chickens attacked by the fox.

Vetter Craft said foxes and raccoons are "prime rabies" carriers. The health department is reinforcing their message to county residents to stay away from animals acting strangely and avoid coming into contact with even domestic animals they do not own or recognize. Vetter Craft advises to call authorities if you spot any animal acting out of the ordinary.

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