Four dogs from Duplin County under quarantine for possible exposure to rabies

(Photo courtesy of Merrilee Moore)

ROSE HILL, Duplin County - According to officials at the Duplin County Health Department, two dogs in Rose Hill attacked a raccoon who was carrying rabies on September 18.

On September 24, two other dogs attacked another raccoon in Chinquapin that was also carrying rabies.

The dogs were all vaccinated yesterday. Three of them had already been vaccinated in the past and are currently in quarantine for 45 days. One dog is at a vets office under quarantine for four months because it didn't have a history of rabies vaccinations.

"I really think it's imperative anywhere in the United States, but especially here in southeastern North Carolina," Dr. Margie Hunter, the vet who vaccinated the dogs after their run-ins with the rabid raccoons, said. "We do have cases of rabies still and so it's imperative that pet owners have their animals vaccinated. It's not very expensive. It's very affordable."

Animal control has posted notices around the areas where the raccoons were seen to warn residents.

To keep your pets safe, here is what Duplin County Health Department officials say you can do:

Vaccinate your pet - stay up to date. If you see any stray animals report that to animal control. Maintain control of your pet so they're not exposed to wildlife. Make sure your trash is contained so it doesn't attract wildlife. If you're not familiar with an animal, don't touch or approach it. You don't know that animal's history.
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