Four armed robberies in four days have GPD giving advice


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - Four armed robberies in four days in one particular area has Greenville Police working hard to solve the crimes.

One suspect was arrested last week for a robbery at a Family Dollar. And while armed robberies aren't unusual in a city as big as Greenville, officials said there are things that can be done to protect the businesses and the people who work and visit there.

For instance, police said parking lots should be brightly lit and you should be able to clearly see in and out of windows so people passing by are more likely to see what's happening. Another major tip is to never fight off a suspect for safety reasons. GPD also suggests businesses install security cameras to help in the investigation should a robbery take place.

"If you see something suspicious, say something," Greenville Police Public Information Officer Kristin Hunter said. "That is so important in these cases. It doesn't matter how small. It could be the smallest thing that could eventually break our case."

GPD continues to investigate whether there's a connection between the string of robberies, they also want local businesses to know they offer free on-site security assessment.