Former hotel demolition set to finish on Friday


NEW BERN, Craven County - The long-awaited demolition of the Days Inn hotel in downtown New Bern is set to wrap up on Friday, despite wet weather. Thursday marks one week since demolition began.

"I spoke with the contractor as I came in to work. He is planning on being finished Friday morning with the physical demolition and then there is the week of site clean up and moving all of the rest of the debris and making sure the site is safe," said Jeff Ruggieri, Director of Development Services. "So expecting by the end of next week that the project will be done."

City officials say once demolition is done, the property will still be under the private ownership of Kepri Hospitality. However, they will be required to foot the bill of all this work being done by the city -- which is over $400,000.

Many in the area are just happy that the building will soon be gone.

"We're looking forward to that building being removed and allowing the development along Broad Street to continue, which a lot of people felt that building was a barrier to the development of that area," Ruggieri said. "So removing it is a great first step in getting some economic development down in that Broad Street corridor and into the Five Points and Duffyfield areas."