Fisherman talks about discovering overturned catamaran

(Photo from Brian Chandler)

MOREHEAD CITY, Carteret County - A boat that was last seen in the Dominican Republic last year turned up a few miles off the Crystal Coast last week. The fisherman who first saw the overturned boat recalled what he saw.

Jay Miller and his friends were out fishing when they noticed something strange in the water.

"We were headed out and the captain said 'What is that?' as he headed across the bow," Miller said.

They had come across a capsized boat. They were fearful someone might be trapped underneath so the crew onboard approached and tried to help. They quickly found out the ship was abandoned.

"We tied a rope on, went aboard, searched around and sure enough there was no one on," Miller said.

The catamaran, named Leopard, was traveling from Virginia to the Dominican Republic. The crew was about 400 miles off the coast of the Dominican Republic when they needed to be rescued. The vessel was lost at sea until Miller and the others on the boat saw it a week ago.

The boat was eventually towed back to shore, turned right-side up and was inspected for damaged and cleaned.

Click below to see photos of the boat being towed back to shore

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