Fidget Spinners are flying off shelves


NEW BERN, Craven County - If you have school-age children, they have probably asked you for a Fidget Spinner.

The propeller like toy is now a sensation nationwide and parents are looking for them everywhere.

"It's all over Facebook, it's like a craze that is sweeping the nation. I know my kids have been wanting to get one so we went searching to get one," said Courtney Fries, who purchased a Fidget Spinner.

The spinner is so popular, after making several calls, Snap Dragon was one of the only stores in New Bern we found that still had some in stock. "We got fidget spinners in about two weeks ago and right now all we are trying to do is keep up with the pace, getting them in to sell them," said Heather Sinclair, owner of Snap Dragon Toys.

Sinclair says she sold 245 in four days and 10 more in the hour we spoke to her. She's hoping her order of 1,000 more arrives in the next few days "Right now I'm super low and I'm just waiting on multiple shipments," said Sinclair.

While the toy is good for business, it's not great for classrooms. According to Sinclair, the toy was originally intended to help kids with attention disorders. But teachers at Albert H. Bangert Elementary School say its becoming a distraction. "In class when they spin it it makes kind of a whirring sound and all of the other kids want to turn and look and see what's going on," said Tiffany York, a fourth grade teacher.

At the moment, the toy is not banned in many schools in our area.

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