Family inside house that flipped talks about storm, survival

(Merrilee Moore, NewsChannel 12 photo)

FAISON, Duplin County - Crews have been working along Hwy. 403 for most of the day Tuesday after heavy storms did damage to parts of Duplin and Sampson counties.

Debris has been removed from the road and trees that had fallen over have been moved. There was also a mobile home that flipped completely upside down. "It was so loud you couldn't even hear yourself talking," homeowner Johnny Hatcher said. "My wife was two foot away and couldn't hear me. And I mean I ain't heard nothing like that." Hatcher said he was in bed when he heard the roar of the storm over his home. He immediately jumped up as the storm tossed his mobile home on its roof. Hatcher then believes he passed out. When he came to, he saw his wife stuck underneath debris. He said he didn't even realize the house was flipped upside down until they got outside. "I went in there and pulled stuff off of her and this and that," Hatcher said. "And then we got - we got out!" The family went to the hospital but only received minor cuts and bruises.

Photos from storm damage in Duplin County

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