Families welcome home GUC linemen who helped Irma victims


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - Thursday afternoon, 54 Greenville Utilities Commission linemen made the safe return home from Florida after helping with repairs post Hurricane Irma.

For two weeks, the linemen helped restore power to those who lost it. The anticipation was high waiting for them to return. Friends and family were anxiously awaiting their arrival and were glad to see they could make such a difference.

"We are very proud," Carol Briley said. "It's very humblig for them to be able to give their support to these people in Florida."

For many people backhome, those two weeks they were without their friends or loved ones felt like months. But the very first sign of their return brought everyone to their feet. After the workers finally were relieved of their duties and were able to leave their trucks after seeing all the devastation, they just wanted to embrace those who were so difficult to leave in the first place.

"At least when we are out of town doing that type of work, it's a rewarding experience because a lot of people appreciate what you are doing," said Ken Wade. "So we are happy be there but at the same time nobody wants to be away from family."

Wade said the GUC helps out often as part of the group's mutual aide. That allows local commissions to assist in helping communities in need across the state.

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