Facebook post making dying New Bern woman's Christmas wish come true

Sara Webber

COVE CITY, Craven County - Sara Webber is just 41 years old.

She said if you told her this time last year she might not live to see another Christmas, she would have said 'No way.' Now, she's making her last one the most special.

CLICK HERE to go to a GoFundMe page with more information

This holiday season, the Webber family is not full of as much cheer as past Christmases. Webber, a mother of five, was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer last December.

It's terminal.

"So we have fought for a year and this year I was told that this was it," Webber said.

Her dying wish ... to have a Christmas tree covered in angels.

"I wanted an angel tree so my kids and my younger children could actually take these and save these and know that their last Christmas with their mom was with a bunch of angels and they will all be watched over," Webber said.

Sara's mother took to Facebook to ask for help and was shocked by the response.

"The next thing I know, I've got 85 shares, so it just like 'poof,' which we didn't know it would do that," said Betty Taylor, Sara's mother. "I was thinking if she could get a dozen that would be nice, but it has really really bloomed."

Now, every single day, angels arrive in the mail along with well wishes from strangers. It is giving Sara and her family something to look forward to.

"Even though I wish I had another miracle, this year we will just take that angel tree as our miracle because every day it gives her something to look forward to and we'll take that," said Susan Painter.

For Sara, the angels and the people sending them have reminded her of the true meaning of Christmas.

"These angels mean a lot but the ones who have that rallied behind me and lifted me ... they mean a lot, too," Sara said.

Family and friends will soon have an angel named Sara watching over them.

"We can redecorate it and it will be like she is here with us all over again," Painter said.

If you want to mail an angel to her, send it to 250 Mark McCoy Rd, Cove City, N.C. 28523. Click the above link to learn more through their GoFundMe page.

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