Eyewitness claims woman threw kittens from moving car


NEW BERN, Craven County - A local woman is accused of killing a litter of kittens by throwing them from a car window. An eye witness reported the incident in Craven County and says only one kitten survived.

NewsChannel 12 discovered a Facebook post written by eyewitness, Christopher Orris. Orris also posted a photo of what he reports is the only kitten that survived the alleged accident. The kitten is photographed with a New Bern Police Officer.

In the post, Orris alleges an unidentified woman threw several kittens out of her car window then proceeded to run over the cats. Orris wrote that at the time he and his wife were driving down Country Club Road, approaching the Highway 70 Overpass when the four kittens were tossed from the vehicle.

Orris reported that New Bern Police found the kittens but the one pictured above was the only one that survived. According to the post, police have located the woman responsible. At this time we don't know the woman's name or potential the charges she faces.

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