Extra security added to several Onslow County schools after alleged threat posted to social media


JACKSONVILLE, Onslow County - Onslow County deputies are investigating a threat posted to social media involving some of the schools in the Southwest portion of the county.

According to a release from the school district sent to parents, there was a threat that gangs were going to shoot up Southwest Middle School and Southwest High School.

NewsChannel 12 spoke with Onslow County investigators who said the threat involved a dispute between two people. Investigators said that post was taken down very quickly. They have not be able to track down the post's source. They said there is no evidence that the threat is credible. They will continue to investigate. Charges could be filed against the person who posted it, if they are warranted.

Extra deputies were sent to all of the schools in the Southwest area following the alleged threat. NewsChannel 12 spoke to a mother, Dialis Matos who withdrew her children from school on Friday as a precaution.

"You can never be 100% sure if the threat was done, and it was a joke, or how about if it wasn't and we missed something, you know," Matos said. "I wasn't willing to take the chance on it."