Evacuee from Florida Keys finds refuge in Carteret County


ATLANTIC BEACH, Carteret County - Hurricane Irma forced thousands of Florida families to evacuate their homes before the storm hit, leaving many of them seeking refuge in cities all over the United States. One woman, who is from the Florida Keys, has found that refuge in Carteret County.

Robin Best, who grew up in eastern North Carolina, is no stranger to the threat of hurricanes. Irma, however, is the first one she's ever evacuated for. Best left her home on Grassy Key just days before Irma made landfall. Tuesday, she took a first look at the photos of the damage the hurricane left behind.

"You leave and it's so beautiful -- the water is so blue," Best said. "Looking at these pictures, it's like that's not where I just left."

The only photos Best has seen of her house so far are aerial photos from Facebook. As far as she can tell, her home looks to be in good condition. Best says she feels fortunate, because the rest of the damage has her in shock.

FEMA estimates that 25 percent of homes in the keys were destroyed by Hurricane Irma. Best says she considers herself lucky.

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