Epiphany School holds annual Rise Against Hunger event


NEW BERN, Craven County - Students at The Epiphany School of Global Studies held their annual Rise Against Hunger event Tuesday morning.

Students and staff packed close to 30,000 meals as children helped in different areas during the process.

"We are giving people who are really hungry food so they can have a meal," said Emily Johnston, a fourth grader.

Each package is filled with ingredients like rice and soy, enough to feed a family of six. The children participate each year in putting the packages together so they can then be quickly shipped out to counties in Africa or Latin America. It gives students a chance to lend a hand in the fight against world hunger.

"You've probably noticed that each child was putting in their different components," said Brittany Spears, Director of Advancement. "Those packs are a powerful thing to get sent over to places like the Dominican Republic and other places because it can feed so many people."

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