Employee has been part of Bill's Hot Dogs for more than four decades

Mildred Hamilton

WASHINGTON, Beaufort County - Bill's Hot Dogs in Washington started in 1928 and will celebrate its 90th anniversary next year.

One employee hasn't been there quite as long but has still logged in over 40 years of serving the famous chili and hot dogs.

Mildred Hamilton slings the chili and fixes the hot dogs. She's been working at Bill's since Bill Jackson himself hired her when she was 17.

"She's always been here when I've been here," Rusell Krainiak said. "I don't think I've ever seen her out sick."

She did leave the business for 18 years, following her husband while he was in the Marines. When he retired, they returned to Washington and her routine behind the counter.

"I'm usually here by 7, light the oven and I wash up everything and cut the onions," Hamilton said.

Don't ask her how many hot dogs she's prepared through the years.

"I don't know. I know the biggest order was 1,000," Hamilton said.

She doesn't eat them every day and don't ask her what's in the secret sauce. She said she doesn't know. But she's definitely one of the secrets to the business' long-running success.

"They come here to see her," Jay Boyd said.

Click the above video to learn more about Hamilton and Bill's Hot Dogs.

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