Emerald Isle offering child life vests for beach activity, safety


EMERALD ISLE, Carteret County - After the past couple of weeks of rip current threats, dozens of rescues and a couple of drownings, Emerald Isle is putting into place one more measure of safety.

Life vests are being offered as a courtesy for children at the beach. Officials want to help prevent any dangers with this extra precaution. "After we had the rip current issues and unfortunately the two tragic deaths a couple of weeks ago, we reviewed our programs and thought that this was beneficial that we could do So we put it in place last week," said Frank Rush, town manager. There are about 10 kiddie life vests at each lifeguard station. They are free to use for the day and available on a first-come, first-serve basis. The vests have been out for a few days but we've been told few people have taken advantage of them. Lifeguards say come grab and use them.