ECU makes safety preparations for Halloween weekend

(Photo: Pixabay via MGN)

GREENVILLE, Pitt County - Greenville's uptown district is expecting exceptionally large crowds starting tonight for the weekend before Halloween and officials are doing everything they can to make sure people stay safe.

Many students have experienced different Halloween weekends over the years, including ECU senior Alia Marshall. She described her freshman year Halloween weekend as "destructive."

"A catastrophe.I don't think it will ever get that big again at ECU I think that was just a big crazy destructive year," Marshall said.

Since then, though, Marshall said things have grown calmer.

"I've just been going to friends house parties and stuff so that's been kind of calm," Marshall said.

Greenville's police chief Mark Holtzman hopes things don't get out of control on campus this year. He said going in and out of the uptown district this weekend will be an experience.

"I'm calling it the game day experience -- the game day feel," Holtzman said.

One thing that helps with Halloween weekend safety at ECU is how the university busses will operate.

"It's a direct route so if you get picked up at your apartment complex you'll come straight uptown 'till about midnight and then you'll go out the same way," Holtzman said. "You won't be able to take the bus from apartment complex to apartment complex, which can add to the over swelling of parties.

Traveling on foot is another story, according to uptown Greenville official Meredith Hawke.

"Uptown sees a lot of pedestrians on Halloween night so an effort to make sure they are safe from vehicles, GPD closes off a few streets," Hawke said. "This year its substantially smaller from years past. Evans Street will be free flowing, which is a main artery that you can enter our lovely district."

With plans in place and more to come, Greenville is ready for what will hopefully be an incident-free weekend.

"It is Halloween," Marshall said. "Have fun, dress up, go out, just don't do anything crazy that's going to ruin your life."

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