Domestic violence survivor talks about what she endured


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - Decora Mealing is a survivor. Wednesday, she shared her story.

Mealing was a speaker at a domestic violence vigil held in Greenville at the superior courthouse. She spoke about how she met her ex, what happened and what she did to get out of the abusive relationship.

"Hang out with his family, hang out with mine, played cards, go fishing, we definitely hung out a lot," Mealing said of her relationship with her ex.

She thought he could be the one. They were living together and though the relationship turned rocky, she hoped things would get better. But they didn't.

"He was friendly, he was funny," Mealing said of the early part of their relationship. "(We) had little arguments here and there but still nothing I thought would be a problem until he started drinking."

Even after she caught him cheating, he would say things like ...

"You know if you break up with me I'm gonna burn your house down, I'm gonna burn down your apartment," Mealing said. "Or don't even think to go to your parents house because if you go there I'm gonna burn their house down too."

That's when she cut things off and, with the help of a friend, got an order of protection. But he wasn't finished with her.

"He ended up chasing me for miles in my car and the only reason I was able to get away was because of a traffic light and at that point that was the last straw," Mealing said.

For the next several months, Mealing spent many days in court. She didn't give up until she got justice.

"He was sentenced to nine months and got out three days later," Mealing said.

"I'm so grateful to the victim's advocates and to the judge because on October 9th he was sentenced, he was found guilty and he's in jail. That was the happiest day minus when I had my daughter, that was the happiest day in the world."

Mealing said she wanted to speak at the event so her story could help someone else who's going through the same thing.

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