Dog park fees in question at local commissioners meeting

(Photo: Pixabay via MGN)

SWANSBORO, Onslow County - Commissioners are taking action over a new dog park in the local area tonight and the proposed fees that could come along with it.

One of the hot button topics being discussed tonight at the Swansboro Board of Commissioners meeting is the nearly completed dog park in Municipal Park in Swansboro.

"The dog park's been a topic of conversation for awhile," Parks and Recreation Director Brittany Shipp said. "The resident fee that we're proposing is $10 a year and then the non-residents' is $25 a year."

Shipp said they Board of Commissioners is also looking at having dog park fees similar to a day pass, so anybody that's a one-time visitor in town can take advantage of the park, too. The rules of the park are still up for debate as well.

"Various things as far as the certain age of the dog, you know, it's not healthy for puppies under the age of five months to be in there," Shipp said. "We ask that people don't come in with more than four dogs at a time."

The changing of a town-wide leash law is also under consideration as a result of the new fenced-in dog space.

"The town of Swansboro has a leash law that requires all dogs to be on a leash any time they're out in the public," Shipp said. "We have to make a modification that will obviously allow them to be off their leash inside the off-leash dog park."

They mayor said he's confident that the proposed actions concerning the dog park will pass.

"I see that merely as a formality because our staff pretty much have got it ironed out for us," Mayor Scott Chadwick said. "I hope we'll approve it and move forward and, as [Pitt's] saying, two to three weeks before it opens, so we're excited about that."

The proposed annual registration fee of $10 would only apply to residents who want to use the dog park. Mayor Chadwick said the park was paid for with money from the town's general fund, private donations and fees from Parks and Recreation events.

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